Saturday, September 10, 2016

Free Sex Toys. Full Wallets. Hot Nights.

Sex is such a wonderful thing.  I love it!  Everyone LOVES to have SEX!
Whether you prefer straight sex, gay sex, couple sex, swinger, public, etc... there are tons and tons of ways to have sex.

I personally prefer having public sex with my partner.  I love the aspect of possibly getting caught.  It is so erotic!  Share your favorite sex stories in the comments below!

I love to use my sex toys to pleasure myself, and my partner.  If it is either a double-ended dildo, or heavy ball weightssex toys can make a night of sex into something from your wildest dreams.

The only problem with sex toys is their price.  They are SOO expensive.  Sex should be something that is low cost and free.  Paying up to $50 for a dildo is not cheap, and most people cannot afford it.  But, you should never sacrifice an erotic sexual night because of a high price tag.  However, going into debt is not fun either.

I used to be in the same rut as you, so I searched and searched the web for some answers.  At last!  I found a place where I can make my erotic dreams come true, without costing me a cent!

Points2Shop is a site where you earn points, which then can be redeemed for real items on the home of over 10,000 sex toys!  On the sides of this post, you can view some toys that you can buy from Points2Shop with your points.

The Simple Steps!

1. Sign-up with this link:  Click here for free sex toys! 

This is the easiest, but most important step.  All you have to do is sign-up, and create a username, password, and add your email and address.  Please make an appropriate username, because you may be banned if you create a "naughty" username (i.e. dicks4lfe, sex2nite, etc.)  Also, I have been an active member for over 1 year, and I have never been sent spam in the mail, so you have nothing to worry about!

2.Complete Offers

Once you are a member, you can start earning points towards your free sex toys on Amazon.  Click the "Earn Points" tab, and you will be shown hundreds and hundreds of offers that you can do!  There are so many!
Some offers want your email address, others want a zip code.  There are long offers that give a lot of points, and short offers that give small points.  Choose an offer that you like the best!

3. Claim the Offer

Once you have completed an offer, claim it by clicking a green check mark by the offer.  Simple!

With more offers completed, your point total will increase and increase.  It is exciting to see your points get bigger, because that means that you are even closer to order your free sex toy!

Once you have the correct amount of points, you can order.  Order whatever you want from Amazon!  Free Dildo.  Free Cock Ring.  Free Vibrator.  Free SEX TOYS!  After ordering, P2S administration will summit your order to that Amazon seller.  In a few days, your sex toy will be on your doorstep, begging for you to try it out!  WITH DISCREET AMAZON SHIPPING!

That was easy!  With a few easy offers, you were able to order an expensive sex toy, for free!  Never pay for sex toys again.

Free Sex Toys.  Full Wallets.  Hot Nights.